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See Why Better Properties Solutions is the Best Thing to Happen to An Agent Since, Well, Real Estate!

Better Properties Solutions is a locally owned and operated real estate company located in Downtown Auburn for easy access. We believe in providing our agents with the highest level of support and encouragement!

Nationally, the trend is running against franchised offices. Their traditional high costs and overhead along with the bloated and unnecessary services all result in low commission payouts to agents. Over the past seven years independent offices that are efficiently run and that offer only essential services with the best commission splits have become the largest individual real estate offices in the state. After careful examination of other independent offices, Better Properties Solutions has decided on a simpler, easier way to administer the commission procedure, allowing us to stay competitive.

💰Real Estate Referrals, Prescreened and Live Transferred offered to All Agents, including new agents!

We have a third party purchases millions of real estate leads from around the web, taking on the risk of lead generation for our agents. They call, filter, and continually follow up with inquiries until the perfect client is ready to speak to our agents. And the best part? They only charge a commission upon close.

We offer training for high volume agents and agents just starting out in a new and wonderful career. Contact Kris Williams (253) 905-9335 to get more information.

A Brokerage for Professionals
✔ NO Monthly Fee
✔ NO Desk Fee
✔ NO Phone/Fax Fee
✔ NO Mandatory Office Meetings
✔ NO Mandatory Floor Time
✔ Free startup business cards

So the question isn’t why Better Properties Solutions it’s why not!?

Keep more of the money you earn. If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your productivity, then Better Properties Solutions is your answer!

✔ When a transaction closes, brokers will receive 90% commission
✔ We allow brokers to reduce rates to compete and match cut-rate commission companies, such as Redfin, who offer lower percentages

👉After a broker has paid $8,000 ($12,000 per two-person team, per calendar year) to the office, the broker will move to 100% commission.

Stop over-paying your broker, make the switch and join our office. You will enjoy being part of our friendly, experienced, growing office. To learn more about how you can accelerate your real estate career, call us today.



Better Properties Solutions
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